Launched in Orange County

Lots of “Launched”

By Rob Feinstein

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for "Launched".

I had the opportunity to visit with a group of 24 highly motivated young professionals - most just a year or two out of college - who are all part of a two-year fellowship organized by the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County (California).

My hosts were kind enough to purchase copies of my book "Launched" for each participant.

My discussion focused on a few key topics from the book, including:

  • Why I wrote "Launched"
  • The Japanese concept of ikigai - a framework to craft a career that's a balanced expression of your skills and passions
  • Marketing your unique ability to contribute at work, and techniques to articulate your key talking points in a job interview setting.

It was a fun afternoon! I hope everyone enjoyed the (socially distanced, outdoor) meeting as much as I did.



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